How good are Good Sleep latex pillows and mattresses?

Latex pillows and mattresses are health products. They have properties to reduce neck pain, back pain, and snoring. However, the different production processes will result in different product properties as well.

Good Sleep products are made from 100% natural latex with a Dunlop or heat vulcanization process. This is the process of transforming natural rubber latex into foam latex by using heat to maintain its shape.

The Good Sleep rubber latex products are different from general rubber products as follows.

  • Raw materials used are made from genuine latex from Thai farmers, which is naturally flexible.
  • Good ventilation structure, so not feeling hot during sleep.
  • No chemical smell by using a 2-cycle washing process and completely dried. No smell of damp.
  • Prevent dust mites. It has been tested in a dust mite research and service center that dust mites cannot grow in our products.

• Does not cause irritation. Certified by the German Textile Institute that It does not cause any allergic reactions or irritations during use.

• Longer use. With our different vulcanization processes from other brands, we use radio frequency to vulcanize our products.  As a result, Good Sleep products are not yellow and crispy on the outer skin. Both inside and surface of the workpiece in a mold are heated and cured at a simultaneous time.

• Lifetime. The product lifetime is at least 5-10 years, depending on the usage environment.

• Biodegradable naturally because our products are made from genuine natural rubber.

             Thus, if you are going to buy a pillow or a mattress, we believe Good Sleep latex pillows and mattresses are probably one of the best solutions for your bedroom.

Outstanding latex property advantages over other materials

Natural latex pillows and mattresses are products made from natural materials that are suitable for use rather than synthetic products available in the market because….

  • Natural rubber construction is more flexible and supportive than synthetic materials.
  • Natural rubber construction offers better ventilation and reduces the accumulation of germs.
  • Natural rubber products cause less irritation and reduce the chance of allergic reactions from chemicals in contact with synthetic materials.
  • Health and environmental conservation trend that emphasizes the use of products made from natural materials instead of using chemical materials.